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Aisle Master

Why choose an aisle master ArticUlated forklift

Backed by industry leading R&D and built to the highest quality standards at CombiLift’s global headquarters in Ireland, Aisle Masters are world renowned for their quality and reliability.

With the ABILITY to operate in very NARROW AISLES (VNA) down to only 1.6m in width, the Aisle Master articulated forklift increases and maximizes STORAGE CAPACITY. By using one fork-truck, users can increase productivity and eliminate time consuming double handling, speeding up the “truck to rack” operations.  

Increase storage capacity by up to 50%

When you require additional warehouse space, you have two options – extend your existing facility or move premises, both highly expensive options.

With Aisle Master articulating forklifts, you have a third more cost effective alternative. By optimising your racking layout and reducing aisle widths, you can dramatically increase storage capacity within your existing warehouse.

Aisle Masters provide safer handling and can operate on any floor surface both inside and outdoors, avoiding the need for purchasing multiple equipment. 

We also have Order Pickers & Pedestrian Range moves available, each can be custom made to the customers specific requirements. 

Aislemaster ELectric

Narrow Aisle AC Performance

Aislemaster LPG

Low Emissions for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Aislemaster OP

Stand-on Electric Order Picker

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