The Combi-WR4 is the first purpose built 4-way pedestrian reach stacker combining multi-directional travel, innovative features, and effortless operation, even in the most demanding environments. For the handling of lighter loads, many operations increasingly favour the use of pedestrian trucks or walkie reach stackers which offer a number of advantages over ride-on forklifts.

The unique patented multi-position tiller enables push-button rotation of the rear wheel, allowing the operator to remain in the safest possible position to the side of the stacker when placing and picking in narrow aisles down to 2.1m in width. This improves forward visibility and greatly reduces the risk of crush incidents in tight confines.

It is very easy and quick to train operators with an operator’s screen and electronic power steering and fingertip controls ensure precise and smooth travel. The WR4 has 2-speed operation, controlled by a rabbit/turtle switch, with a further benefit being the ability to adjust or customise travel speeds to suit the level of the operator’s experience.

Power Forklifts have been importing and servicing CombiLift’s in New Zealand for decades, our wealth of knowledge will help you make the right investment for your business to improve productivity and safety.